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Nur Concepts is an organization set up by a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and competencies in the corporate as well as the civil society sector. Our core expertise lies in bridging the corporate-social divide. Nur Concepts' aim is to provide public, private and social policy analysis, capacity building and training services across disciplines and different sectors. The name Nur derives from the word 'Light' and in the case of Nur Concepts it refers to the 'Light of Knowledge.' Our mission is 'Enlightening Minds, Building Futures.'

Nur Concepts offers services through a consortium of trainers and consultants, who pool their strengths to offer a diverse array of capacity enhancement and consulting services. Our team members have a skill set ranging from Policy and Institutional hublot replica Research and Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Non-Profit Management, to Information Technology to Business Management and Engineering. Nur�s team members are currently providing services in three countries, Pakistan, Canada and Malaysia.

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